Saturday 31 July 2021



I was thinking this morning.... As fireworks lit up the sky over the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, on July 23, 2021, I imagined that this must be the weirdest Olympics in history for two reasons. First, we are having the 2020 Olympics in 2021. Secondly, rather than being called the Tokyo olympics, many refer to it as the Covid Olympics, because it will largely be without fans due to Covid restrictions.

As the ceremony went underway, I was confident of a medal haul for Nigeria at the end of the games. My hope wasn't hinged on the recent performances of our male basketball team 'D'Tigers' neither was it on Long jumper Ese Brume nor wrestler Odunayo Adekuoroye who have been in excellent form going into the Olympics, but rather it was on the little mentioned recently acquired talents of Nigerians.

First, many Nigerians have recently taken to shooting as a passion, killing thousands of Nigerians in the process. With hours spent shooting, I was confident we will win the gold medal at the Olympics shooting event. 'Usai! Where were the bandits, kidnappers, BH militants and separatists when China's Yang Qian won the first gold of 10m air rifle final? Alas, Nigeria didn't even enter for that event. What a waste.

As I watched the swimming event kick off, I looked out for Nigerians from Niger Delta and saw none. With most of our riverine communities being submerged by waters from overflowing rivers, I expected that we should have mastered the art of living under water or as a minimum be amphibians, but no, we were not in swimming. Where was Nigeria when the 18yr old Tunisian Ahmed Hafnaoui won the Men's 400m freestyle? Nowhere. I reasoned that I may be watching the wrong event, Nigerians must be competing in rowing, canoeing or kayaking because that has been the major means of escaping the flooding in Lagos mainland and Lekki in recent years. Again, I was disappointed. Yet another glorious opportunity to win gold at the Covid Olympics lost.

As I switched the channel to weightlifting, I looked out for Nigerians but there were none because, as I later understood, our athletes failed to meet the qualifying standard. Wow! How is that possible? As a minimum, we should have fought for the creation of the 25kg, 50kg, 75kg and 100kg weightlifting category for male and female politicians. That would've been 8 cheap gold medals for Nigeria because our politicians have long toned their muscles carrying ghana-must-go filled with stolen money. Oh, what an opportunity missed.

As the Olympics round up in a week, so far our contigents are, like Peter in Acts 3:6, saying 'Silver and gold, I have none.' I understand because they gave their best for Nigeria and for that I say kudos. But for the human, economic and political bandits and kidnappers in Nigeria, don't waste that talent on evil, use it for good. Let your talent win us gold otherwise kill the evil.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Sunday 25 July 2021



I was thinking this morning..... As I did my daily morning walk during the week, I noticed a water pipeline leakage within the estate that has caused flooding on the major road. 'Is this not the same leakage I reported weeks ago?' I imagined. Yes it is. Why has no one, particularly those living next to the leakage, taken the initiative to attend to this minor challenge that will cost so little to fix? Again, I called the Exco chairman's attention and he promised to do something. As I walked away, I wondered where Nigerians got this 'E wo lo kan mi' (meaning 'not my concern' in yoruba) attitude from. 

As my legs moved forward, my mind did the reverse, reminding me of how my cousin took his sick daughter to a Community Health Centre in Warri, and noticed that everyone was in darkness because the only power generator has been down for over two weeks. Why? They were waiting for government. He called a generator technician to fix the problem and was shocked when told that the bill was N1,500. Yes, you heard me right. N1,500. The whole community suffered for over two weeks, because everyone was waiting for the government to provide N1,500. What a shame. Ahh!!! That 'E wo lo kan mi' attitude. 

Look around you and you will see the 'E wo lo kan mi' attitude. When the Punch Newspaper reported that the major Nigeria Police tracking device acquired in 2015 to go after kidnappers, bandits and terrorists is down and out since the beginning of 2021 because they have not paid the yearly subscription, I need not ask why and how because I know it is because of the 'E wo lo kan mi' attitude. When a small pothole formed on the Lekki-Epe expressway some weeks back and no one paid attention until it grew and started causing a three hours traffic, we all suffered and cursed the government but no one thought to do something. You know why? The 'E wo lo kan mi' attitude. 

The 34th US President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953 to 1961) had said 'A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.' It seems like we've all lost our principles and waiting to enjoy privileges we don't deserve. Everyone is waiting on somebody to do what anyone could do. At the end nobody is doing anything. We must remove and burn that cloak of 'E wo lo kan mi' which we wear like a winter coat and begin to take more interest in fixing what directly affects us rather than wait for government or someone else. James 4:17 'Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin.' It's true, whether you say 'E wo lo kan mi' or not. 

Stay hopeful. God's got your back. 

Happy Sunday. 

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Saturday 17 July 2021



I was thinking this morning..... Anyone and everyone that has anything to do with social media in Nigeria would agree that the trending news this weekend was the burial ceremony of the mother of Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana at Oba, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State. The event which was attended by businessmen, politicians, musicians and actors, was an occasion for the lavish and obscene display of wealth. One person no one expected to be at such an occasion where state laws were freely broken, was a well known Deputy Commissioner of Police and main man of the IG of Police.

On Saturday the officer had to give reasons why he attended the burial. In a Facebook post, he had said "Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana is one of the most hardworking entrepreneurs and humble personalities that I have known for many years. He is a brother and a good friend." I smiled when I read that statement and remembered Inspector Osadolor in the popular DSTV soap, ENAKHE. Inspector Osadolor is a corrupt police officer on the payroll of the drug barons and will not miss an opportunity to remind his benefactors that the police is your friend.

Of course the police will be your friend when bundles and wads of cash were hauled and 'sprayed' at people with reckless abandon. It is easy for the police to be your friend when over 246 cows were slaughtered for your mother's burial and you are gifting someone a cognac worth N4.7 million.

The Police is your friend. I wish. In 1998 the police stopped me while driving along Okumagba Avenue in Warri and observed that my registration paper had expired days earlier. In spite of my plea for mercy, the officer looked me in the face and insisted on seizing the N5,000 I had packaged to pay my tithe. How I wish he had smiled at me and said 'the Police is your friend' and let me go.

When the police embark on arbitrary arrests, extort money at checkpoints, turn a case against a complainant or even carry out extra-judicial killings, oh I wish, they can truly say 'the police is your friend.' A friend is one that loves at all times (Prov 17:17) but it seems the police are friends to the rich alone. There is God o!

The question is, are you a true friend or are you like Inspector Osadolor that is killing you and yet says 'the police is your friend.'

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Saturday 10 July 2021



I was thinking this morning..... last Tuesday I was privileged to sit with other parents at the graduation ceremony as my last child bows out from Senior Secondary school. Where I sat at the back of the expansive hall, I pondered in idle musings on how far I have come from being that proud father in 2006, taking his first child to school for the first time to being a father whose children have all left secondary school. Though it was my son that was graduating last Tuesday, I felt more like the real graduand because for 8 straight years I have been doing college runs and that was ending on that day. As I mused I recalled the popular saying 'Life is in phases, men are in sizes.'

Children education is like pregnancy that has 3 trimesters. Once conceived, there is no looking back until delivery. I reflected on my first trimester of School fees and recalled how I trembled back then at the thought of paying school fees for 3 kids in private primary schools. Somehow, God enabled me to meet the needs confirming the saying 'Life is in phases, men are in sizes.' In the mid to late 2000, my size was just right for primary school bills.

The second trimester, secondary school, ended last Tuesday and I am still in awe of how God had helped me through this phase. My size, again was just right for the phase. As I celebrated my freedom from seconday school runs and fees, my heart skipped a beat when the Guest Speaker, the Hon Commissioner for Education, Lagos State reminded parents of the graduating students that our school fees burden was about to take a big leap as they proceed to University, the third trimester. Really? How will I cope? I imagined. As my heartbeat raced, I heard a reassuring voice that says 'relax, it shall be well. Why? Because life is in phases, men are in sizes.' The God that saw them through primary and secondary school will see them through University.

Though the thought of the future may sometimes seem overwhelming, be confident that in every phase of life, God's grace is available to see you through. Don’t ever be overwhelmed by the phase you have not gotten into or underwhelmed by the state you are presently in, because 2nd Corinthians 12:9 says 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.' Life is in phases, men are in sizes. Therefore maximise the phase you are in and enjoy your size of today.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Saturday 3 July 2021



I was thinking this morning..... As the day dawned on Thursday, messages of 'Happy New Month' had filled my phone. I was still replying to these messages when news broke of how the Ibadan residence of Yoruba right activist Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Sunday Igboho, was attacked allegedly by gunmen in military uniform around 1am on Thursday. One of his aides had said 'They shot at the cars and riddled the glasses with bullets. They even killed some small cats and arrested a bigger cat, believing Igboho might have turned to the cat.' Wow! What's happening in Nigeria? Even animals are no longer safe and are being arrested.

I couldn't shake off the 'arrested cat' story as the new month, new quarter and second half of 2021 kicked off. It seemed like it was raining cats and dogs in my head, but the cats were all over my thoughts like oil paint on canvas. It was a long and busy first day of the month. The back to back meetings stretched from 8am till 5pm that one could say I was busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes. As I sat back thereafter, I dozed off on the couch and was awaken by the sound of the TV. When I checked how long I had knocked off, my mind told me I just had a 'cat nap.'

As I laid in bed that evening, I remembered the words of Benjamin Franklin who had said 'all cats are grey at night' meaning in the dark, physical attributes are unimportant. Warri man say in times of war, dem no dey know fine girl o.

With half of 2021 gone, many may have achieved a lot and probably feeling as conceited as a barbers cat. While others may think nothing good had happened to them since we shouted happy new year. They want to speak out or even curse those responsible for their predicament, but it seems the cat has got their tongue. All I can tell them is to thank God.

As I began to finally drift into dreamland, I was resolute in my belief that being alive to see the second half of the year is enough to give thanks. You have not been arrested like Nnamdi Kanu or attacked in your home like Sunday Igboho. No one has killed or arrested your cat, so chill and believe that 2021 is going to end well. However, if you must achieve your dreams, do something positive today because like they say 'a cat in gloves catches no mice.'

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey