Sunday 30 July 2023



I was thinking this morning.... Many that were old enough in the 80s and 90s will remember the iconic American photography company, Kodak, advert promoting its camera and film products. The phrase Kodak moment became very popular and even found its way into the dictionary.

A Kodak moment is a moment in time that is so precious because of its sentimental value or its beauty, one wishes to preserve it on film. This was what happened when Super Falcons forward Asisat Oshoala scored Nigeria’s third goal in their 3-2 win against Australia.

In the heat of the moment, she pulled off her jersey to create an ‘iconic’ image, which has now gone viral across the world. The Barcelona Femeni forward, who is a Muslim, took to her Instagram page to reveal her dad was not happy with her choice of celebration. She had written “My dad is definitely not happy with my choice of celebration but then again, Life is a collection of MOMENTS."

Life is a collection of moments. Yes, Kodak moments. I have had several Kodak moments in life but will never forget the day we had our very last exams in Uniben. A number of us gathered in the room of Alero Edukugho (now Alero Hans) at the female hostel to celebrate. Music blasted and drinks flowed. At the spur of the moment, Alero placed one of her wigs on my head even as the camera clicked. Thirty-two years later, I can still remember that moment. It was a Kodak moment.😎

Not everything in life is pre-planned or fully thought through. Some actions and reactions are on the spur of the moment. The sentimental value of your Kodak moment does not decrease because it lacks decorum in the eyes of the public.

Do not despise the Kodak moments of your life. Collect and collate them. When you look into the album of your life in 30 to 50 years time, you might regret a couple of your actions but one thing will be certain, you will cherish every one of those Kodak moments. The little things of the past would’ve become great things. Eccl 6:9 says 'Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have.'

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Sunday 23 July 2023



I was thinking this morning..... about life. A week ago, I woke up to the sad news that the husband of a colleague had collapsed and died suddenly. He was only 60 years. When we visited her to commiserate, she, along with her 10 year old son, sobbed. It was heartbreaking even as we consoled them. Life.

Yesterday, we joined another colleague and friend to Ibadan to celebrate her mum who turned 85 recently. It was a very colourful and well attended ceremony. The children had gone all out to make the celebration one their mum will never forget.

There were lots of orishirishi as the invited guests feast in celebration. Amala and ewedu, Chinese fried rice, jollof and pounded yam were all in abundance, but it was the banga soup that got me thinking. By simply placing a spoon of the banga soup in my mouth, I could immediately taste the bitterleaf in it, but as I swallowed it with starch, it was simply divine. I shut my eyes to savour the soup and then it dropped, life indeed is banga soup.

You can't have a great banga soup without a tint of bitterleaf. Two Saturdays back, I was mourning, yesterday, I was celebrating. The bitter-sweet combination if what makes it banga soup. Life indeed is banga soup.

The sound of the owambe music from the all female band jolted me back to reality as I watched the 'Glam-mama' take to the dance floor. I imagined what could be running through her mind at that point in time. This year makes it 15 years since her husband died at 73. Painful as it was then, today, with family and friends surrounding her, she celebrates life at 85. Oh, this banga soup called life.

Like banga soup, there will be an occasional sprinkle of bitterleaf to make life tasty. Don't view an isolated negative event in your life as the summary of your life. That you lost a job, an asset or a loved one should not mean the end of your life. The good in your life far outweighs the bad. If you think deep, you will see that of a truth, life is like banga soup. Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.

Love God and enjoy life like I enjoyed my banga soup, because life indeed is banga soup.

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Sunday 16 July 2023



I was thinking this morning..... about the value people place on class. Last week I attended the Health and Safety week of an organisation. As part of the events lined up were Aerobics session and Health Walk. Since there was going to be gift items for participants, the hall was filled up by blue-collar workers a full hour before the start time.

When we eventually started, there were less than five white-collar workers in the crowd, for reasons that suggest class differences. As we walked, a friend expressed her disappointment and said 'what those of us higher up don't realise is that, it is in the midst of that class-less group that life is enjoyed.'

It got me thinking that truly 'life is not in class.' I remember my days in Mowoe primary school, Warri, sitting in class for extended lectures after they've rang the bell for recess. Looking through the window at my mates playing football will always make me want to run out. Why? Because the fun is out there in the open where seniors mingle with juniors. Life is not in class.

I used to enjoy starch and banga soup at home where I eat with sleeves folded, until I got a high-paying job and started eating everything with cutlery at high-end restaurants. Weeks ago, I arranged for a family starch and banga soup time-out at one of those spots in Warri. As I watched people eat in freedom, I threw caution to the wind, washed my hands and enjoyed my starch the old-fashioned way. Truly, life is not in class.

The best times of my life were the times I did not consider my status at work, church or age. Times when I laughed out loud, jumped and ran like a child, sat on the floor and ate with bare hands, danced, sang and mingled with the low and mighty. As I reflected on why those times were so precious, it dawn on me that it is because life is not in class.

Whichever way you look at it, life is not in class. There is too much formality and control in class. You are limited in class but have limitless possibilities outside. Why do you despise your brother because of class? (Romans 14:10). Loosen up and be human. Mingle with all, irrespective of status because life is not in class.

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Sunday 9 July 2023



I was thinking this morning...... I walked into one of the new supermarkets in Port-Harcourt last Wednesday and noticed how fully manned the store was. There was arguably a staff to two rows of shelves and I wondered how they will break even in this globally depressed economy with so many staff. But then I imagined how serious an issue shoplifting had become.

To warn would-be thieves, supermarket management has become creative. In one shop, there is a sign that says 'Shoplifters to enjoy free ride in a police van,' and another simply put up a life size photo cutout of a policeman looking at you. But one that really got my attention was a sign that says 'Shoplifters will be prostituted.'

While some might think it to be grammatical error, me I don't trust the intentions of men o. Has the society become so bad that they would rather commit the thief to sex trade than to law enforcers? Could it be because they know they will make money from it unlike calling the police where they will spend money?

Sadly, it seems people would rather be prostituted than be prosecuted. Last week, the Vice Chancellor (VC) of University of Port-Harcourt threatened to dismiss a female student over indecent dressing. When a young girl leaves her hostel for classroom half naked all in the name of fashion, you need not call any fashion police, she has already been 'prostituted.'

The craziest of it all are pregnant ladies posting their nude photos on social media calling it maternity shoots. Chai! Despite it being so offensive, you need not call the morality police, they have already been 'prostituted.'

Having sexual relations with people for money is contact prostitution but when you expose your nudity to the public to gain carnal attraction or likes on social media, it is Non-contact Prostitution.

What has happened to shame is still a mystery. Has shame been kidnapped or assassinated? Uncovering your nakedness exposes your shame (Isaiah 47:3). If you no longer feel ashamed, then this question is for you 'have you been prostituted?'

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

Sunday 2 July 2023



I was thinking this morning...... It wasn't until I owned a car that I fully appreciated that, apart from dispensing petrol and diesel, most modern filling stations also retail LPG and vehicle accessories. Some offer vehicle servicing and maintenance services, convenience store as well as car wash. They are set up to be one-stop-shops for car owners. When I saw the sign 'Feeling Station Now Open' instead of 'Filling Station,' I smiled at the innocent mistake as I had another epiphany.

Why do many good men and women sometimes end up in bad marriages? Recently, I read the scandalous news of a pastor's wife that slept with the husband's brother. Following severe dragging on social media, the woman made a video to explain her side of the story. She confessed to being ashamed of her actions and that her husband was a genuine man of God but was always fasting and travelling for ministry assignments and never really gave attention to her needs as a woman. Hmm! My take? Marriage is a 'Feeling station.'

There are many couples, some well educated and with good jobs and others illiterate and broke, that their marriages have become an 'endurance race.' They have entered into the race and can't pull out, yet it is gruelling and taking a toll on their health. Some are emotionally drained due to the constant bickering and are wondering, 'How did I get to this point?' Tough question, but the answer is in the early realisation that marriage is a 'Feeling station.'

The more time a vehicle spends being serviced at the filling station (oil, brakes and tyre pressure check, fueling etc), the better it will perform at the journey. Similarly, in the journey of marriage, a couple must give time to each other, because marriage is a 'Feeling station' where emotional and physical needs must be serviced. Just like you can't service your car virtually, physical presence is important for connection and warmth.

The belief by some men that being the emperor, the conqueror, the champion and the lion of the house, is all that is required for a successful marriage, is an error. For those about to open a 'Feeling Station,' fidelity, communication and love are vital materials for success. For marriage to be honourable among all (Hebrews 13:4), then you must see it as a 'Feeling station.'

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey