Sunday 21 May 2017



I was thinking this morning..... I checked into a small country-side hotel recently and found this notice by the shower, 'The building is of some age now and as such some of the pipe works are temperamental.' At this point I froze and looked around me to be sure I haven't already annoyed any pipe, not knowing what to expect. Having made sure there are no angry pipes waiting to knock my head, I continued reading, 'If your shower does not work immediately when turned on, then please turn on the sink tap or bath tap which will activate the water to the shower.' Phew!!!! How relieved I felt.

That statement got me thinking. So age can make the pipe works temperamental? No wonder!!! That explains why my internal pipe works have been behaving funny of recent. Eba (garri) was a meal I usually eat with delight until recently when after eating I couldn't explain the reaction of my body. 'What's going on here?' I had imagined. Now I understand that age had made my internal pipe works temperamental. My 'shower' was not ready to work immediately.

For many, it also explains why your legs and heart have been angry with you recently. The same legs and heart that will cooperate with you and you jog ten or more blocks some years ago, same legs and heart are now behaving like a man that recently lost his job . The legs have been surprisingly temperamental. The 'shower' was not ready to work immediately.

Think about it, you use to coast along when your babies or toddlers turn your house upside down. Now 15 years after, your friend came visiting with her children and they are messing up your living room. You are fuming inside, having that scorpion-in-the-stomach experience.... you know why? Age has made your 'emotional pipe works' temperamental. Your 'shower' has become cranky and not working as it should.

You joined your organization as a freshman, very alive and can sit in meetings all day long contributing to every presentation. Now you are a senior manager, struggling to keep awake at meetings after lunch and late on in the day. Hmm!!! Age has made your mind and eyes temperamental. Your 'shower' is failing you, so you may need to turn on the sink or bath tap to activate the water.

It has become clear that as we grow older, we may need to make deliberate effort to support our pipe works and activate the water because they may not function immediately they are called to action. But how you activate the shower to work differs from person to person. While at this small hotel, all I did was to turn on the sink tap and the shower gushed, I have decided to depend on the 'Master builder' to completely change out my pipe works, because Isaiah 40:31 says 'But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.'

Are your pipe works temperamental and your shower not working as expected, then turn on the 'divine help' tap to activate the flow.

Happy Sunday.

.....Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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