Sunday 2 July 2017

The Helplessness of man


I was thinking this morning..... about how fast the first half of 2017 flew by and how well I have done with my targets for the period. In my reflection, I recalled a recent conversation with an Angolan living in London about African affairs, and she said, 'we do not even know what is happening to our President.' 'How so?' I had asked. She revealed that 74-year-old Eduardo Dos Santos has been in Spain for weeks on medical treatment without information.

As she spoke, it seems like dejavu to me as I recalled that our own 74-year-old Buhari (PMB) has also been in the UK for weeks for medical reasons. While it has been somewhat quiet for the most part since PMB departed for his 'second missionary journey,' this past week was dominated by discussions about his health. While many were debating the veracity of whether PMB has lost his voice, suffers from memory loss or is on life support, I was humbled by how the narrative had changed from what PMB is doing or going to do to improve the health of Nigeria to issues relating to his personal health. Life!

I couldn't but reflect, if men like Dos Santos and PMB at the highest office, can be so helpless, why all the 'kati kati?' like we say in Warri. Imagine how quickly our aspirations pale into insignificance when one's health is challenged. We all started 2017 with great expectations, but while most people settled down to work, PMB embarked on his 'first missionary journey' on 19th January to attend to his health. Six months after, his 2017 list of expectations has been turned on its head. Hmm!!!

Where I sat reflecting on the challenges both Presidents are facing and praying for their speedy recovery, I tried imagining what is in the mind of PMB as he continues to battle his illness in London. Pause a minute and imagine PMB's  plan to follow through on the perennial electricity problem in the country and succeed where others failed, but he is distracted by his ill-health. I am thinking of how PMB has planned to deal with corruption, but today the Ikoyi dollar scandal remains unresolved weeks after investigation commenced. Oh how pained PMB will be that he is not fully on ground to lead his forces in kicking the economy back to life with the US dollar stubbornly refusing to bow below N365. Truly, life is a mystery. We can only throw the dice but cannot determine the outcome.

As I stand up to step out, I was reminded of Romans 9:16, 'So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy.' So as you set your targets for the second half of 2017, pray for grace to accomplish.

Happy Sunday.

.......................Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.


  1. True words that should remind us that life should be taken "jejely". Thanks!

  2. Man proposes, God disposes .

    The anger in PMB was so much that he came out for full revenge mission but God has to show him that My ways are not your ways.

    For an office he had sort after four times and without any blue print for Nigeria and Nigerians, haba, God nor dey sleep. Now that he has gotten into the office, he can't sit in it. Haba, Baba God you too much. Who fit try you.

    The long and short of all is simple. In every thing we do, or even say, we should not be vindictive.

    Live right, do right cos you don't own yourself.

    As we set targets for the second half of the year, we should always put God first before everything can fall into place. For those who have not met first half targets, remember, matches could be won in the second half. It's not over until it's over.

    Just stay focused.


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