Sunday 18 February 2018

Love and Procrastination

Love and Procrastination
I was thinking this morning..... about Love and Procrastination. While in the office last Thursday, I overheard a colleague reminding another colleague to send the data she had requested for. She asked him, 'Do you know what today is?' trying to make him realize that the target date was past. Jokingly, he responded, 'Today is the day after Valentine's Day.' Yes, the day before was Valentine's Day, but how will that enhance the delivery of the target at work? As far as this guy was concerned, Valentine's Day was the most important event this period and therefore has to be the reference point.

As I smiled at his response, I wondered why I don't give so much thought to Valentine's Day as much as others do. Is it that I am 'old skool' or I just don't appreciate that day? Hmm!!! So much happened on February 14th, with so many waxing love poems for their spouse or partner. But the message that stood out for me, by a long shot, was that written by a friend of mine. He wrote, 'You are the egg in my egg roll. Without you I am puff puff.' Hmm!!! Truly puff puff takes a whole new life with egg at the middle and changes its name to egg roll. Very loving and very original but I know that egg roll is not a delicacy that you eat once a year. Why then do you wait till February 14th to tell your spouse he/she is the egg in your egg roll?

Why do we procrastinate our love demonstration till February 14th each year? My thinking is that we love procrastination. Psychologist Joseph Ferrari has said, 'Procrastination is not waiting and it is not delaying. It is a decision not to act.' Many have decided not to act on their relationship until February 14th each year, during which period the ships and the relation may have drifted too far apart. I believe that most of the gestures people demonstrate on Valentine's Day are things they should be doing every day.

As I probed a bit more as to why I don't pay attention to Valentine's Day, it wasn't clear at first, but then it dropped. Aha! I can see why now! It is because it is not 'Wey Mey's Day.' Why should I wait for St. Valentine to remind me to show love to my wife? While I have created many 'Wey Mey's Day through the year, when I do special things for my wife, thereby making February 14th like any other day, I still pray the words of 1st Thessalonians 3:12 that says 'May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other.'

Knowing that the 2019 Valentine's Day is 361 days away, please do not procrastinate to show love to your loved ones. Tell them that they are the eggs in your egg rolls, the sim card in your smart phones or the data in your modem. Whatever description works for you, just let them know you love them today and everyday.

Happy Sunday.

....Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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