Sunday 11 March 2018

Children are Issues

Children are Issues
I was thinking this morning.... about issues. No, no, I have no issues and yes I have issues. Am I confused? Maybe. I was in church last Sunday when a couple came forward to give a testimony. The lady said, 'My husband and I have been married for several years without any issue....' To a non-Nigerian and a non-bible student, that statement will likely connote something good, but for a typical Nigerian and a bible student, it is negative. Matthew 22:25 says, 'Now there were with us seven brethren; and the first, when he had married a wife, deceased, and having no issue, left his wife to his brother.' As the couple continued with their testimony, my thinking generator was activated like the popular 'I better pass my neighbor' generator in a 'Face-me-I-face-you' apartment in Mushin. 'Why is a child referred to as 'an issue?'
I immediately google the word 'issue' to try to understand the several meanings. The very common meanings were 'an important topic or problem,' 'personal problems or difficulties' and 'a series of publications.' But somewhere at the bottom of the list was the legal meaning used in genealogy and wills, where 'issue' refers to a person's lineal descendants (children of one's own.) Now I understand that though the actions of some Nigerians seem to indicate that we  are lineal descendants of savages, there are a few bright spots of knowledge.
My mind is fixated on why children will be referred to as issues. Could it be because some see children as problems or because they are churned out like series of magazines? Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear, everyone's children are their issues.
Think about it. Though it is common in Nigeria to hear someone say, 'I have no issue,' I have not heard anyone say, 'This is my issue Toyin' or 'These are my issues John and Janet.' But rather they say, 'This is my son John.' Hmm!!!
With that understanding, I realized that there were many topical issues in the past few weeks in Nigeria. While one of the issues of PMB returned from medical treatment in Germany to a grand welcome by top government functionaries, the issues of the governors of Kano and Oyo states were tying the knot with the President and 20 governors in attendance. All these happened at a period when 110 female issues from Dapchi were abducted by Boko Haram. Dearis God! The reason why the issues of the rich and the poor are treated differently in Nigeria is an issue for another day.
Of a truth, we have issues, but we have to move on. Remember, when you go to church today, please go along with your issues.

Happy Sunday.

....Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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