Sunday 7 April 2019



I was thinking this morning... about taking a flight to forgetfulness. You know how when something unpleasant happened to you or you are stunned by the grimness of news, and you wish there was a flight you could board to forgetfulness? Well, I never knew that was possible until I read the news item about how a Kuala Lumpur-bound Saudi Airlines pilot was compelled to make a U-turn and return back to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia after a mother suddenly remembered that she had forgotten her baby in the airport terminal. The frantic mother told the crew that she had accidentally left her baby in the boarding area of the terminal, according to the Gulf News.
I am not sure what the mother was thinking or what distracted her to the extent of forgetting a whole human being, but one thing I know is that she was sure on the flight to forgetfulness. For us waffarians (Warri born and bred people), the only thing strong enough to make someone forget his/her child is what we refer to as 'yawa race.' What is yawa race? Ask a Warri man.
It is because of these situations that schools decided to engage the services of 'childminders.' But how do you explain a situation where a school bus of an International school in Nigeria with two minders detailed to drop off children after school will forget a three year old child in the bus, doors shut and the adults closed for the day. In this case, the minders were not mindful, rather they had boarded the flight to forgetfulness.
I have discovered that you can make a deliberate decision to board this flight or sometimes you just find yourself on board this flight. Think about it. Remember that occasion when you left the sitting room and walked into the bedroom and on getting there, you stood there wondering what exactly you were there to do? Bros, please don't overthink it, you were on a flight to forgetfulness.
When old people start forgetting things, it is generally seen as a sign of dementia with Alzheimer's disease being one of the many types. But when young people start forgetting things, what could they be suffering from? B-mentia or C-mentia? Don't be scared, I found out something positive about forgetfulness. Brice Kurl at Stanford University in California, US, and colleagues demonstrated that forgetfulness is a tool of the brain and that we should be thankful we don't remember everything, because it means our brain is working properly. No wonder Genesis 41:51 says 'For God, said he, hath made me forget all my toil, and all my father's house.' So, forget the bad times but please try not to forget your children in church today.
Happy Sunday.
......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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