Sunday 23 June 2019

The Christian Brothers Booze

I was thinking this morning.... about booze. Last Tuesday, the organisation I work for had an HSE conference with CEOs of our partner organisations. It was an intense session of brainstorming on what more we could do to make our people safe. Immediately after the session, which ended before the official closing time of 4.30pm, we took a few steps into the tent behind the hall where a staff party had already started. It was kind of difficult for many to make that transition, moving from drinking water to drinking alcohol, especially because technically they were still on duty. It was a dilemma for many that saw me around the table. They wanted their booze but not sure how I will react being one of the Company's 'drugs and alcohol police officers.' They were also afraid that I might conduct drug and alcohol test the next morning, which is a serious offence if one is positive. While some jokingly warned me not to try it, others had to deal with the finger-biting dilemma by settling for just a bottle of booze. As I mused on their dilemma I remembered a TIME Magazine article I read recently titled 'Why Alcohol Companies Are Betting on Non-Alcoholic Booze.'

It's looking like stress is driving more and more people towards having the usual weekend socialising on week days. They seem to want to visit their regular bars midweek but don't want the alcohol. According to the TIME Magazine article, it was this challenge that birthed a bar called 'Getaway,' New York City’s first permanent booze-free bar. Sam Thonis, the owner says, 'We are just offering something that I think people want: a social experience without the alcohol.' Now many of the established companies are working on investing more funds in non-alcoholic booze. Hmm!

But I am thinking, is it possible to have a non-alcoholic booze? The dictionary definition of booze is 'alcoholic drink' with synonyms such as liquor, strong drink, spirits, intoxicants etc. So how can we have a non-alcoholic 'alcoholic drink?' Funny, right? It's like saying you have a non-alcoholic 'ogogoro.' Take away the alcohol and it will no longer be booze or ogogoro. Are you surprised at the contradiction? Please don't be. We see and read about this daily. We have many that profess to be Christians, but don't believe in Christ. They are in church, engaging in all sort of anti-christ activities, such as making members to masturbate in 'church' or sharing booze/ beer as communion and still want to be called Christians. Haba! How can you take away the Christ and still be a Christian? Just like it is alcohol that makes a drink become booze, it is Christ that makes a man a Christian. 

It's funny how people want to lose the essence but not the name. They want to belong to a particular circle without its core value. If you have taken away the alcohol from the booze, why don't you call what is left by the real name, juice or non-alcoholic beverage? Why still qualify it as booze? Please let's call a booze, a booze. Also, when next you read those unsettling news saying this pastor did this or that, or see a flyer from 'Christian Association of Native Doctors,' remember to call a Christian, a Christian. You cannot be a native doctor and a Christian at the same time. And when you see a bottle of brandy called 'THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS,' don't be confused, it doesn't mean the brandy is a Christian. But if you happen to be in the mix of this contradiction, I leave you with 2nd Timothy 3:5 that says 'Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.'

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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