Saturday 19 December 2020

Uneasy Lies The Head


I was thinking this morning.... as I stepped out of the aircraft last Wednesday fully dressed and Covid protocols compliant. I was feeling a bit uneasy and decided to check why. My findings are, my head was covered with an Hausa cap (called Fula or Wagambari), my eyes with sunglasses, my nose and mouth with cloth mask and my ears plugged with ear piece. Haba!!! All these accessories for one head? For the first time, I had a unique understanding of the expression 'uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.' olboy, it wasn't easy for my head that day. Lol..

As I reflected on this head figuratively, I saw a correlation with the family. Consider this. The cap (your parents) are above and meeting their needs puts some pressure on the head from above. The sunglasses (your spouse) shield the eyes from direct sun rays, but their needs sometimes put pressure on the side of the head. The ear pieces signify your children. Hmm! They have your ears but without God and proper planning, they can give you headache. Finally, the face masks (your friends and relatives) which are very necessary if you must stay 'coro-free' could end up choking you (I can't breathe). Haba! Uneasy lies the head...

Just like my head, this is the season for heads of families to feel the pressure. This season, forty years ago, I can remember what my parents were going through. I will trouble them like Ekpan fly until Christmas clothes and shoes show up. But unlike those years, 2020 has been a year like no other and many family heads are struggling. So wives, please don't put pressure on your husbands and children don't trouble your parents like I did mine in those days. Relatives and friends, abeg make una dey calm down because uneasy lies the head...

It doesn't matter if the head is as big as 'Ozengbe's' or small, the pressure is real. Whether head of family, head of class/department, head of the unit/church or head of state, uneasy lies the head.
Please show some understanding, protect and pray for the head because the peace of the head is the peace of the whole body. No wonder Peter said in John 13:9 'Lord wash also my head.'

Merry Christmas.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey. 

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