Saturday 9 January 2021

Who is your Daddy?


I was thinking this morning...... about paternity fraud with the scandal involving FCMB MD dominating the social media discussions in the last couple of weeks. Paternity fraud is the pretence that a father is the legitimate and biological father of a child. According to information scooped from Wikipedia, Jamaica has the highest rate of paternity fraud in the world at 34.6%, closely followed by Nigeria with 30%. Omo, that means for every 10 children in Nigeria, 3 are not born of the man they call daddy or popsy. Hian!!!

As most people passed emotional judgement and declared the FCMB MD and the former employee guilty when they saw photos of the children in question, I was thinking about how widespread this paternity fraud is. Truth is, when a child has striking physical resemblance to a parent, there will be no need to ask 'who is your dad?' But when there are no physical features to tell who the dad is, they resort to DNA test. This scam no be today.

At the national level, when countries like Nigeria that claim to be born of established democratic nations like the UK and have democratic structures like USA, but suppress the will of the people through rigging and violence during elections, it is nothing but 'democratic paternity fraud.' But what do we call a father of democracy like the USA whose behaviour (Capitol insurrection) misses the mark? Father of Democracy Fraud? We used to ask, 'who Nigeria resemble?' Now we know.

At individual level, you claim to be a child of God but yet involved in shady deals and lie like a cheap rug. Abeg, na who be your papa? Behaving contrary to the God whose child you say you are is nothing but 'Divine Paternity Fraud.'

To me, physical attributes or DNA test are not the most important indicators of paternity. An adopted child that lives the values and the tenets of the father, is more of a child than a biological child that brings shame to the father. Doing the will of the father is the true evidence of sonship. No wonder 1st John 3:10 says 'By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil.'

As you walk through 2021, life will be asking 'who is your dad?'

Happy Sunday.

.....Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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