Saturday 20 March 2021



I was thinking this morning..... As the world celebrated Mother's Day last Sunday, recognising the indispensable role women, particularly mothers play in keeping our world together, I was thinking and looking at some husbands askance and could not help asking them this question 'wetin she do you?'

The question became necessary when I was told of an incident that happened recently in Lagos. This man, a member of 'Hide Your PIN From Your Wife' Association, was very sick and hospitalised. While in the hospital, there was need to make some payments including the DSTV subscription and recharge his prepaid meter. Because he doesn't want to reveal his phone PIN to his wife, he decided to do it himself in his very weak and precarious state. He succeeded in paying for DSTV and transferred some money. He was about to buy electricity token when he collapsed and died on his bed. While I know that it wasn't the transaction that killed him, but why go through that trouble just because you don't want your wife to know your PIN? Chai! Na wetin she do you?

The interesting thing is that many of the men that celebrated Mothers Day last Sunday are members of 'Hide Your PIN From Your Wife' Association. How can you be celebrating your wife on one hand and still distrust her enough not to leave your phone with her? Haba!!! Wetin you dey hide?

I know of modern men that have their own bedroom separate from their wife's. I understand that this may be okay with a polygamous man or those from the older generation, but don't understand how a today's man will keep his wife at bay and only invite her to his room when he wants to sow his royal oats. These same men will hide their financial records, including salaries, from their wives. Haba! Wetin she do you?

You took a decision to go search out and marry your wife, yet you treat her like she is leprous or like we say in Warri, like someone that has lakpalakpa. She left her family to come be with you and you isolate her emotionally and sometimes physically. Haba! Wetin she do you?

Marriage is meant to be a fortress of sort, a bastion where both the man and the woman should take solace from the emotional, psychological and physical attacks in the world. Unfortunately, many women are being tortured by their husbands all in the name of being members of 'Hide Your Pin From Your Wife' Association. Even Ananias in his wicked ways still carried his wife, Sapphira along (Acts 5:2).

As we celebrated International Day of Happiness yesterday, 20th March, I encourage men to love and trust their wives. Let her be your buddy and gist partner. Depression is real and your openness and trust will help grow happiness.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey 

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