Saturday 3 April 2021



I was thinking this morning.... For someone that has lived in Lagos for over 10 years, enduring the traffic is no longer a biggie. I have even developed the habit of picking up life lessons as I drive. Driving from the Island to the Mainland recently, I was on the left lane, in-bound Ikoyi, on Falomo bridge on a light traffic when a Toyota Avensis dangerously swerved into my lane. I stepped on the brakes, narrowly avoiding a collision. I checked to see if the driver was sorry but 'the guy no send' as he drove ahead leaving me behind. I activated my Warri bad boy mode and decided to do James Bond driving to stay ahead of this driver. I swerved to the right lane as the traffic on the left lane came to a stop. I succeeded for a bit and got ahead of the stubborn driver. As I left him behind, I felt a sense of fulfilment but suddenly the right lane stopped moving and I watched the Toyota Avensis drive past me before I could change lane again. He zoomed out of sight while I struggled to change lane. When I finally changed lane like everyone else, I discovered that a LATSMA official had stopped a vehicle on the right lane that made me lose my self-imposed Formula 9 race. As I reflected later on, I saw my error, repented from engaging in an unsafe act and learnt that life is like Lagos traffic: Just mind your lane and you will get to your destination in peace.

Imagine how so many people are provoked by the inappropriate behaviours of others to leave their lane. This can happen between married couples, siblings, brethren or even strangers like in my case. Only recently, a Ghanaian woman reportedly driving at top speed to catch her “cheating” husband, lost control of the vehicle and was fatally injured. Sad! She died cheaply. Women, do not allow your unfaithful husbands provoke you to unhealthy competition about who is smarter. Life is like Lagos traffic: katikati will do you no good. Just mind your lane and you will get to your destination in peace.

Men nko? Do not allow your nagging wife provoke you to unsafe behaviour. You will just die of high BP. Forget all the Warri threat of 'I go change am for you.' It doesn't work. Life is like Lagos traffic, you can change lane all you want but make no appreciable progress. Just stay on your lane and you will get to your destination in peace.

Don't be in an unhealthy competition with anyone, because like Lagos traffic, you can never tell when the traffic will stop on your lane. Also, don't feel bad when it seems the other lane is moving and yours is not. Relax, in good time, your lane will move and you probably will catch up with the other driver you think had gone ahead. And if you don't? Fret not, you both are headed for different destinations. He might be going farther. Mind your lane and you will get to your destination in peace.

Ecclesiastes 7:9 'Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.'

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Easter.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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