Saturday 4 September 2021



I was thinking this morning.... Nigerian clergyman and actor, Mike Bamiloye, of the Ishawuru fame, has posed a humorous question that got people talking days ago. The 61 years old founder of Mount Zion Movies and Faith Ministries, had written on his Instagram page 'You dressed seductively to church, you dressed to kill. You danced suggestively to praise and worship songs. You danced to kill. You tag yourself 'Slayqueen' in the house of God. Are you a HIRED ASSASSIN?' My answer is yes, they are Spiritual Hired Assassins.

As I mused, I realised that there are many other hired assassins around us. So many uneducated entertainers and yahoo boys have been pushing the narrative that 'school na scam.' This was made worse, when we see scarcely educated touts becoming politicians and ending up being members of the state and national assembly or even holding other critical executive positions. What kind of message are we passing to the younger generation?Situating it with the Slayqueens, these people are 'Educational Hired Assassins.'

I visited the hospital last week. While waiting to be seen, a car drove in with a patient breathing with the aid of a cylinder of oxygen. He obviously had Covid-19 and was being prepared for ICU. I understand  that treatment of Covid-19 patients in private hospitals in Port-Harcourt cost about N3m while in Lagos it costs between N5m to N10m. Yet, the Government allowed the resident doctors and health workers to go on strike (10th time in 6 years) at the peak of the Covid-19 third wave. How else do you describe our leaders if not as Public Health Hired Asassins?

On Thursday, the Social Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) presented a 61-page report stating that over 27 million Nigerians earn less than N100,000 per annum (i.e $0.5 per day). When they pointed at budget fraud, procurement fraud, embezzlement of funds among other illegal actions, as being responsible, I nodded and said 'Economic Hired Assassins.'

It is obvious that we are a society of hired assassins with our actions and inactions resulting in the death of people all around us. One big mistake the government is making is focusing on the fight against the 'religious Boko Haram' in the North-West  while ignoring the silent hired assassins and circular Boko Haram all around the country. Mathew 18:7 says 'For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!' My question to you is 'Are you a HIRED ASSASSIN?'

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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