Saturday 15 January 2022


I was thinking this morning..... as I stepped out for my morning walk days ago, I was approached by a young man that said, 'Please, how can I get to Road 13?' Hmm! Because my estate is so complex, I did my best in giving him direction, while I continued my perambulation. Thirty minutes into my walk, I ran into this same young man at the wrong end of the estate still asking questions about how to get to Road 13. Wow! While I felt sorry for him, I imagined what the rigmarole could portend.

Should the young man be responding to an emergency, the worst surely would've happened due to the delay. On the flip side however, should the young man have sinister motive, then it's sure a good thing that he has missed his way. In Waffi parlance, e don waka loss.

On the back of this, I recalled a customised caller tune I had years ago that says 'Any person wey dey waka for your sake for evil, e go waka loss in Jesus name.' As I replayed it in my head and smiled, I thought about 2022 and prayed.

Firstly, the wife of a friend was abducted late last year and has been with her abductors for over 50 days. Ahh! I prayed silently that any scammer, robber or kidnapper headed our way this year, dem go waka loss in Jesus name.

Secondly, bad leadership has been the bane of our beloved country Nigeria. With 2022 being a pre-election year, we are beginning to see movement of politicians here and there. My prayer is that anybody going up and down the country wanting to get into power to give Nigerians pain and sorrow, e go waka loss in Jesus name.

In this year 2022, keep your focus, plan your journey and above all, have the right motive. Do not go to and fro nor walk up and down like satan (Job 2:2), otherwise, you go waka loss o.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey


  1. A rather down-to-earth piece, quite apt.

  2. WeyMey another beautiful piece. Anyone against us must surely waka loss in Jesus name.


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