Saturday 5 February 2022



I was thinking this morning.... Last Friday, 4th February, as the world celebrated World Cancer Day, my thought was set on another form of cancer, which I call YBC (Yahoo Boys Cancer). I once heard someone say 'wahala be like yahoo boys, you no fit enter shoprite, make you no see them.' Meaning the yahoo boys are everywhere. This disease that many thought was benign has become malignant with the entrance of yahoo plus and yahoo plus-plus.

I recently renovated my house in Warri and put up the flats for rent. After due diligence on the prospective tenants, I discovered over 90% of them were yahoo boys. When I asked the agent what is going on, he said, 'Oga, na only yahoo boys dey pay better rent these days.' Like really?

Days ago, my friend and pastor, a crusader of discipline everywhere including the house of God, raised an alarm on how yahoo boys are now invading the church going after Christian teenage girls. The cancerous cells are mutating, taking up a religious outer covering. My God! Who can deliver us from this cancer?

The most frightening dimension of this cancer is that it has spread to the heart and lungs of our nation. Our political leaders that scammed us to get to power and then loot of our collective treasury has made the disease of yahoo boys look like craw-craw. We've become a nation of scammers.

A simple biopsy of this Yahoo Boys cancer revealed the complete failure of our educational and value systems to be at the root of this disease. However, the greatest enabler of this disease is our collective indifference. Chai! If we all carry on with this 'ewo lo nkanmi attitude,' who will deliver us from this cancer?

Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun tried and days later cried for help that these criminals are after his life because he is all out to fight this menace. YBC has become a national epidemic and we must act now. According to oncologist, one of the best ways of handling cancer is to surgically get rid of the tumor (Matthew 5:29). I don talk finish, over to you.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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