Saturday 23 April 2022



I was thinking this morning..... Since the news of the Chrisland Schools sex scandal broke, every Nigerian has assumed the role of a judge. On this matter, there are 200 million Nigerian Judges and no lawyers.

Wherever you turn, everyone has a point of view on this very depressing news and videos. Some blamed the School for failing to protect children under their care while in Dubai, others blamed the girl's parents for terrible parenting. Yet still, some blamed the little girl for being possessed by the spirit of whoredom. Shockingly a radio host blamed the hotel where they stayed in Dubai for not having enough CCTV and security personnel that could have stopped the child from leaving her room. Many accused some 'unknown pedophiles' within the little girl's family circle for being responsible.

In all, no one took personal responsibility or blame for their role in creating the sexualised society that we live in today. When you condone or promote any music where girls wear skimpy clothes, you are complicit in the Chrisland sex scandal. When you organise children birthday party and supervise children dancing erotic dance which they call twerking, you contributed to the misbehaviour of the 10 year old Chrisland kid. If you are a keyboard warrior forwarding all sorts of irresponsible videos on social media or you leave your 10 year old child with a smart phone with data unsupervised, you may be aiding and abetting a scandal.

While the biggest contributor to a sexualised society is the promotion of sexual objectification by dressing in revealing clothing, the most annoying is some ladies sticking out their tongues like imbeciles while taking selfies or taking body postures that imply sexual readiness. I just don't get it.

It is easier to be a Judge than to voluntarily put yourself in the accused box (Matthew 7:1), but on this matter, this generation has failed the next. Until we retrace our steps and be intentional in desexualising the world, the Chrisland scandal may just be a joke compared to what is coming.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Easter.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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