Saturday 30 July 2022



I was thinking this morning..... As I sat with my Hussey College classmates in Warri on Friday, suddenly there was a gust of wind and memories of the good old days flashed. One experience from the past that stuck with me is the sight of a whirlwind which we popularly called 'Juju breeze.' We ignorantly called it Juju breeze because this moving column of air is so fast that it moves almost everything on its path and leaves everyone in awe by its impact.

When our very own Tobi Amusan broke the women 100m huddle World record twice in one night last Sunday in Eugene, Oregon, the world stood in awe. The feat was so amazing particularly for an African that some started questioning the record and suggested the feat may have been due to wind or equipment malfunction. How can a petite African broke the World record by a huge 0.08s? To now do it again at the finals by 0.14s? Nooo! Something ain't right! As I read different reactions, it was clear in my mind that many non-Afrcans will be thinking that it was the African 'Juju breeze' that propelled her to victory.

In their racism corrupted mind, nothing good can ever come out of Africa. While they were fishing for reasons to discredit the achievement, little did they know that six years ago, Tobi had written the following words on her timeline 'Today I am unknown, one day I will be unforgettable'. Truly, today she is unforgettable, not because of the force of wind or Juju breeze but because of the force of diligence and positive confession.

The night before she broke the World record, Tobi had again written on her friend's wall on Instagram 'Incoming World record holder.' Hours later, she was the World record holder, not because of Juju breeze but by self belief and positive words.

Danielle Williams of Jamaica had said 'Tobi literally spoke her victory into existence.' Hmm! What you think and say of your yourself is crucial. Don't speak defeat into your life because of your present circumstances. You can change your world by changing your words. When you do, like Tobi, your success will not be from Juju breeze, but your positive response to John 1:22  that asked 'What do you say about yourself?'

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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