Saturday 24 September 2022


I was thinking this morning..... I spoke to an old friend this past week. After she hung up, I couldn't but ponder on the value of patience. Why so? She got married many years ago but wasn't blessed with a child for 18 years. Her husband stood by her through that horrendous time as they believed God, fasted and prayed for God's visitation. Shockingly on the 18th year, the husband strayed and fell into the laps of a strange woman (real life soyoyo) that ended his marriage. Blessed be God, my friend had gotten pregnant at the month her husband fell. Months later, she delivered a handsome boy that is today her joy. Her husband lost all he had waited for so long.

He had waited for 18 years and a few more months would've birthed his joy but the devil sold him the thought that he had wasted 18 years of his life. He never knew waiting time does not amount to wasting time. Just one moment of impatience ruined the beautiful family God had planned for him. He waited but was not patient in waiting.

Have you ever waited for something so desperately before? It seems your life is on pause while the rest of the world moves on. I once waited for a promotion for 8 years. My contemporaries moved but I marched on the same spot. During that difficult time, I learnt that when I compared myself with my colleagues ahead of me, the burden was heavier and almost drove me to give up, but when I looked back to where I am coming from and those I am privileged to be ahead of, my patience held. Waiting is good but patience in waiting is the ace.

'Waiting for wetin?' It can be tough. If you have been waiting for a spouse, fruit of the womb, career breakthrough, healing or any other blessing, I pray God to give you the strength of character to be patient as you wait for your change to come. As you wait, look to no man and compare yourself with no one. Waiting is a journey and patience is the vehicle that carries you on the journey. Patience is what gives legitimacy to waiting. Without patience, waiting is a torture.

Patience can be a tough virtue but the result is always soothing. The value is not in the waiting but being patient till your change comes. Job 14:14 says 'If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.'

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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