Saturday 15 October 2022



I was thinking this morning….. It was a night of honour and glamour at the 2022 Grand Award Night for The Nigeria Prize for Science and Literature tagged ‘Touching the Stars.’ From the red, sorry blue carpet, to the music, it was a night to be much remembered.

As my young wife and I sauntered into the expansive hall of Eko Hotel and Towers, I was initially intimidated by the sheer glitz of the beautifully decorated hall. The multi-coloured stage lightings, three large LED screens, chairs and tables well draped in glittering black and silver and a crew of cameramen from NTA, Channels, Arise News and others tripping over themselves left no one in doubt that the organisers were aiming to touch the stars.

I remained humbled and subdued by the dignitaries in attendance. From his excellency, President Olusegun Obasanjo to His Imperial Majesty, the Amayanabo of Bonny to the Hon. Minister of Science and Technology, Senator Adeleke Mamora, the hall was graced with notable personalities. I however found my mojo in the midst of familiar faces at Table 45. Now relaxed as I took a sip from a glass of cold apple juice, I had no doubt I was going to be inspired to think of touching the stars.

In minutes, the hall was full and everyone seated. The crowd was truly Nigerian devoid of tribal and religious sentiments evident by the babarigas, etibo, wokor, senator and agbada that dotted the hall. As I pondered on the perfect blend of the Nigerian culture and spirit, I imagined a Nigeria united in creed and colour. Truly we would’ve been touching the stars.

Then came the awards recognizing those that have excelled in science and literature. Again the short list was pan-Nigerian with emphasis on nothing but competence and excellence. The panel of judges did not care about the state of origin and religion of the contestants. What they looked for was the best of the best. As the winners were announced and we stood up to applaud them, I mourned for our country Nigeria.

When the night was ended and the morning broke, the winner of $100,000 prize for Literature had announced that he will be giving $10,000 each to the other two contestants. Wow! What a spirit of brotherhood. These young men have again taught us, particularly our politicians, that service by sharing rather than self aggradizement is the surest way to touching the stars.

We are on the march to selecting the chief stewards for our dear nation, Nigeria. Oh I wish we could base our selection on competence, there is nothing that will stop us from touching the stars. Daniel 12:3 says 'Those who are wise will shine like the stars for ever.' Please be wise, so we could touch the stars together.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey


  1. Well said.... This literally summarised the event at large. We "Touched the Stars 🌟" indeed.

  2. Wonderful Summary......and epic poetic writing in action


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