Sunday 8 January 2023



I was thinking this morning... I recently came across a video of a very fruity pawpaw (papaya) tree which for many is no big deal. When you, however, look down to where it is growing on, then you will understand why I paused to think on this. It grew and was fruiting on top a stack of abandoned cement blocks, about 2m off the earth.

Of all places to grow, that for sure is one of the harshest environment for a pawpaw tree to grow on. According to elementary agriculture, the pawpaw tree require adequate soil moisture, especially in the first two years after planting, but in this instance there was no soil talk less of being adequate. It also said, Papaya trees are good feeders and therefore need to be fertilized regularly.

The question then is, how did this particular pawpaw tree survive on top a stack of cement blocks with no soil, fertilizer nor regular watering? How was it even able to hold firm and sturdy enough to carry the weight of its fruit on top of hollow blocks? All I can see is RESILIENCE or what we call a 'gree-die' spirit in Warri.

If this pawpaw seed can survive, grow and bear such succulent fruits in the worst environmental condition ever, what is your excuse this year? 'Bros, you don't understand. Things are tough in naija. Companies are not employing. I have no man to help me' Think again. The pawpaw tree had no man to help water and fertilize it, yet it grew and now producing fruits.

'Bros, you still don't gerrit. I was abandoned when I was a baby. No parents to support me through life.' Think again. Whoever threw that pawpaw seed on top the cement block, did not expect it to survive. Yet, it survived and now bearing fruits. What is your excuse?

As we go through 2023, be determined not only to survive but to thrive like this pawpaw tree. The interesting thing is when you start bearing fruits those who gave you no chance will be the first to line up to eat of your succulent fruits. Therefore, dig deep, spread your roots and hold firm, because at the scent of water, you will bud (Job 14:9).

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday. 

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey

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