Sunday 30 December 2018

Transition and the Fading Lines

Crossing Over
I was thinking this morning...... about transition and the fading line between. Days ago, my young wife and I were faced with the dilemma of attending two events back to back that require us to wear two different outfits and emotions. The first was a funeral service for one of the ordained workers in the church that went to be with the Lord at 56. The second was another ordained worker celebrating his golden jubilee on earth. Interestingly, the burial was for 10am and the birthday was 12 noon. How we are to transit from a countenance of sobriety to that of celebration within a minute was a challenge to us. Because there was not enough time for change of clothes, we decided to dress midway, combining black and some colours. As we departed from the graveside for the birthday party and settled at gaily decorated tables with lots of music, my thinking gear went into full throttle. Life is but a transition but the lines are getting blurry.

Think about it. There is a reason Ecclesiastes 7:2 says 'it is better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting.' Shouldn't there be a clear demarcation of emotions between burial and parties? I thought there should, but that line is fast fading, because what we now have is burial ceremonies converted to a big party and called 'Celebration of Life.' How do we celebrate someone's life in his absence? If you don't understand, go watch the Nigerian movie 'Chief Daddy,' now showing in cinemas.

Truly, the transition is getting blurred. When we went to school and you are done with Class 5, you either go for A-Levels or go straight to the University. The difference between college and University was very clear. Now, there are all sort of bridging or pre-university programs, that make the last year in college look like the first year in the University or the first year in University look like the last year in college. The transition is getting blurred.

In the political space, we should be expecting a major transition in 2019 because it is an election year in Nigeria. The incumbent should be on overdrive trying to fulfill promises made to justify a second term, while the opposition should have their sleeves rolled up working hard to win the hearts and minds of the masses. But we have been disappointed so many times in the past. The politicians care less, they need not campaign regarding any ideology nor fulfill promises made in the past. They know what to do. They whip up ethnic and religious sentiments and if that fails, they buy the votes of the people either in market places before the election or by sharing dollars on election day. There is supposed to be a clear difference between pre and post-election, but the transition is getting blurred.

In a couple of days, the curtain of 2018 will be rolled up and 2019 unveiled. Millions will be attending crossover services across the world, but is the purpose merely to cross over in time? As we transit from 2018 to 2019, please keep the lines solid, let the difference be clear. Don't enter 2019 with the same 'legbere' attitude with which you are ending 2018. Focus more in 2019; keep expectations high, pray more and achieve more.

Happy Sunday and New Year.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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