Sunday 6 January 2019

Witch Hunting: Na Our Work o!

Witch-hunting: Na Our Work O!
I was thinking this morning..... about the exploits of 'village people' and the burden of blame. Of a truth, 2018 was a great year. One of great breakthroughs for many, but also one of great disappointment for others. While I know that many have testimonies to share about how they are the architect of their success, what is not common is people taking responsibility for their failures. It has become trendy for people to point fingers at who they believe is responsible for the unfortunate turn of events in their lives.
I heard of a man that the Lord had blessed with a great job and a lovely family. Suddenly, he said the boss annoyed him and decided to resign. The wife begged him not to but out of pride, he turned down all sensible pleas and left the organization. Months later, he couldn't care for his wife or pay his children school fees and the family crumbled. hen he sat back in his loneliness to reflect on where he missed it, he heard his 'village people' (household wickedness) saying 'Na our work o.' We know of the work of the 'village people.' but this trend of blaming every misfortune on others and 'village people' is becoming sickening.
Imagine Donald Trump riding on the Blame Game wagon. He decided to tag every of his misfortune including the Russia investigation as a 'witch hunt.' According to CNN news, Trump is reported to have used the term 'witch hunt' more than 60 times on twitter and the witches in America are angry. The witches in America came out openly on CNN to say that Trump's repeated use of the term 'witch hunt' throughout his presidency and most recently to describe the Russia investigation is disgraceful because none of it is their handiwork. The witches are saying 'No be our work o.' Hmm!!!
Then the Nigerian politicians took it to the next level. In 2018, NBS says unemployment rate rose from 18% to 23.1%, while the number of unemployed Nigerians jumped to 20.9 million. Poverty level increased and the degraded Boko Haram charged back with renewed vigor. Even the President and his lovely wife were at each other's throat concerning the cabal running this government. When people asked what is happening, the ruling party responded, 'Na their work o.' They said the PDP possibly working with some 'village people' are responsible. On the other hand, the Police and Dino Melaye are playing 'Tom & Jerry.' When you tell Dino to go answer to his charge, PDP will tell you it is the work of APC, their detractors. They will say 'Na their work o.'
But why won't the witches and 'village people' carry placard with the bold inscription 'No be our work o?' Ehnn? When so many are hiding under 'village people' to excuse their failures and wickedness. Imagine kidnappers, yahoo boys and ritualists that have met their Waterloo after so much atrocities, blaming 'village people' and saying 'Na their work o.' Mtcheww!!! This blame game must stop. Thank God for the fresh opportunity provided by the New Year to make a difference. This January, many churches are embarking on fasting and prayers. I enjoin you to participate to start the year strong, but after the spiritual exercise, roll up your sleeves and work for your success. Just like Ecclesiastes 9:10 says 'whatever you hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.' Do not be lazy mentally or physically because whatever becomes of you tis 2019 'Na your work o.' Take responsibility for your actions because there is no room to blame 'village people' this year.
Happy Sunday.
......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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