Sunday 10 March 2019

The Prescription for Foolishness

Prescription for Foolishness
I was thinking this morning...... about the prescription for foolishness. Sunken in my favourite 3-seater settee in front of the TV watching my stress douser, Tinsel, the enigmatic Brenda Mensah was fuming in this scene about Mrs Dieko asking for what she doesn't deserve. In her anger she sputtered 'where do people get prescription for foolishness?' I thought it was a very good question even though I couldn't come up with an answer immediately.
But really, where do people get prescription for foolishness? Finding the answer to that question might save the lives of many Nigerians. You know, I have been blessed with many occasions where I am confused as to how to celebrate a breakthrough. Shouting halleluyah followed by break dancing is usually the sequence of my response. So imagine my shock when I read the headline, 'Bala Haruna dies after swimming in and drinking gutter water to celebrate Buhari's re-election.' Really? Why didn't he jump up and down or do something sane to celebrate? Why must he drink gutter water? When I couldn't find an answer, I shook my head and asked 'where do people get prescription for foolishness?'
One location where this prescription will be in high demand is the Niger Delta. How do you explain that the two major Presidential candidates in the last election were from the North-East and North-West, the Vice Presidential candidates were from the South-West and South-East, yet over 90% of those that lost their lives on election day were from South-South. Why would the political leaders of Niger delta decide to turn their villages to battle grounds to settle the scores of others? Oh God, where can we get the prescription for foolishness?
In my search for an academic answer, I discovered that for the next Common Entrance examination, Zamfara, Taraba and Kebbi States combined, registered only 173 pupils compared to 7,500 students for Abuja alone. I am thinking, if these three States were able to mobilize a combined 2.1 million votes in the February 23 election but could not mobilize 200 children for common entrance exams, where lies our priority? But truly, where can we get prescription for foolishness?
Maybe the medical practitioners can help to prescribe a treatment drug. I found out that there are a total of 11,926 different drugs in the world, out of which 3,732 are approved. But not one can be prescribed for foolishness. As I closed my thoughts, I remembered the words of Galatians 3:3, 'Oh foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?' Who has bewitched Nigeria with foolishness? And I concluded that the cure for foolishness can only be the wisdom of God. Get a dose today.
Happy Sunday.
......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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