Saturday 2 October 2021


I was thinking this morning...... Many years ago, an uncle told a story of the experience a young man had while being interviewed for a job position in the defunct Nigeria Airways. To test his knowledge of current affairs, he was asked, 'what happened in the year 1959?' expecting him to know that was when the new Nigerian currency was introduced. The young man responded, 'In 1959, my younger brother was born.' Surprised by his response, they followed up with a simpler question, 'what happened in the year 1960?' Surely, he must know that was when Nigeria gained independence, they thought. He shocked the panel when he answered, 'in 1960, my younger brother was 1year old.' As far as the young man was concerned, the birthday of his younger brother was of more significance than any national event.

That was my situation last Friday October 1st. As many talked about Nigeria 61st independence anniversary, I remembered the 22nd wedding anniversary of my brother and the 5th anniversary of our Benin Invasion when our friend Dagogo Buowari-Brown got married. These two events were more celebratory than the 61st independence anniversary of Nigeria. With standard of living decreasing and insecurity increasing, you will please excuse me if the 61st Independence celebration ranks very low in my 'Significance pecking order.'

China gained independence on 1st October 1949 meaning they are 11 years older than Nigeria. When I considered how much more developed China is compared to Nigeria, you will forgive me when I'd rather celebrate the wedding anniversaries of my brother and friend than our 61st Independence anniversary.

Last Friday October 1st, I visited my dad who is in his eighties, to spend time with him. That day also happened to be International Day of Older Persons, so please forgive me if Nigeria's 61st Independence anniversary did not make my thought list.

What influences the event you will celebrate is how much positive impact it makes on you. I have decided to fill my mind with positive thoughts and dispense with negative energies. Regressive politicis, hunger, death and gloom have become the regulars in our discourse about Nigeria and I am tired of bad report. I believe and hope in Nigeria but for now, I just want to fulfil Philippians 4:8 that says 'Finally, brethren... whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report...think on these things.'

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey 

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