Sunday 20 November 2022



I was thinking this morning.....  I recently saw a video of a little boy aged about 3 or 4 years returning from his first day at kindergarten. He got off the school bus to the welcome of his excited mum saying 'Hehehe.. you did it.' The little boy's immediate response as he looked the mum straight in the face was 'Mummy, terrible sandwich by the way.' And the mum responded 'Thanks for letting me know.' As the video went viral on Tik Tok, the mother defended the son by writing 'I am a terrible sandwich Mum. Not my kid going viral for roasting me.'

I am sure you are thinking that this cannot be an African mother and son. Of course, they are not African. African kids know better. I imagined telling my mama in those days 'mama, your soup no sweet.' There will be instant retribution, the best of which will be a horn-producing 'konk' and the worst, 'go and look for your mama that will cook for you henceforth.'

African mothers take no nonsense. One can even say, on the issues of discipline and morals, they take no prisoners. To the extent that there is a pidgin English adage that says 'No pikin go say im mama soup no sweet.' E get why.

The world today is completely different. Where do we draw the line between encouraging our kids to speak up and deliver negative feedbacks and the demands of respect? In the world of Lai Mohammed what that little boy told the mum is nothing but Kindergarten hate speech.

We must train our kids to be respectful in words and deeds particularly if they must give a feedback that is negative. Life and everything that comes with it is a gift and should be appreciated. A son that cannot see the blessing of having a mum that makes a sandwich for him and calls the sandwich terrible, will likely end up being a husband that will never appreciate the wife. He will probably not appreciate God for giving him a Mercedes instead of Rolls-Royce Boat Tail.

The world is in need of grateful adults and not critical ingrates. 1st Thessalonians 5:18 says 'In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.'

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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