Sunday 13 November 2022



I was thinking this morning..... the 11.8km long Third Mainland bridge over the Lagos lagoon, has become an altar of sacrifice of sort having witnessed a series of suicide cases in the last four months. Every of such incident I read reminds me of how I dreaded some rivers in Warri those days because of the sacrifices we see traditional worshippers do by the riverside.

Just last Thursday 10th November, a young lady with Department of State Services (DSS), alighted from a Uber taxi car on the Third Mainland bridge and plunged into the lagoon to her death. What was shocking to everyone as information started coming out was that this lady seemingly had a good job, was recently proposed to by her fiance and just a few months ago received a letter of commendation from the Director General of DSS as the best-unarmed combat operative in her set.

As many wondered how and why someone so blessed would kill herself, concluding that mental health challenges are real, I remembered the quote by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche 'And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.'

There is no doubt that those that are suicidal are dancing to some music others can't hear. We have interrogated why such persons dance to the music and how we can prevent them from dancing. However, no one is asking 'who's playing the music?'

You may be a driven supervisor that crushes anything and anyone on your way to achieving a goal. If your actions are weighing down a colleague, then you are playing the music. A girl named Ruth may have disappointed you in the past. Today, you are ruthless and brash to ladies without recognizing the emotional damage you are causing. Should any of the ladies decide to dance to the music and commit suicide, be aware that you were one of those that played the music.

Be intentional about how you treat people. People are going through internal conflicts, don't add to it. Show empathy. Speak kind words. Luke 17:1 says 'Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come.'

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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