Sunday 2 July 2023



I was thinking this morning...... It wasn't until I owned a car that I fully appreciated that, apart from dispensing petrol and diesel, most modern filling stations also retail LPG and vehicle accessories. Some offer vehicle servicing and maintenance services, convenience store as well as car wash. They are set up to be one-stop-shops for car owners. When I saw the sign 'Feeling Station Now Open' instead of 'Filling Station,' I smiled at the innocent mistake as I had another epiphany.

Why do many good men and women sometimes end up in bad marriages? Recently, I read the scandalous news of a pastor's wife that slept with the husband's brother. Following severe dragging on social media, the woman made a video to explain her side of the story. She confessed to being ashamed of her actions and that her husband was a genuine man of God but was always fasting and travelling for ministry assignments and never really gave attention to her needs as a woman. Hmm! My take? Marriage is a 'Feeling station.'

There are many couples, some well educated and with good jobs and others illiterate and broke, that their marriages have become an 'endurance race.' They have entered into the race and can't pull out, yet it is gruelling and taking a toll on their health. Some are emotionally drained due to the constant bickering and are wondering, 'How did I get to this point?' Tough question, but the answer is in the early realisation that marriage is a 'Feeling station.'

The more time a vehicle spends being serviced at the filling station (oil, brakes and tyre pressure check, fueling etc), the better it will perform at the journey. Similarly, in the journey of marriage, a couple must give time to each other, because marriage is a 'Feeling station' where emotional and physical needs must be serviced. Just like you can't service your car virtually, physical presence is important for connection and warmth.

The belief by some men that being the emperor, the conqueror, the champion and the lion of the house, is all that is required for a successful marriage, is an error. For those about to open a 'Feeling Station,' fidelity, communication and love are vital materials for success. For marriage to be honourable among all (Hebrews 13:4), then you must see it as a 'Feeling station.'

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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