Sunday 16 July 2023



I was thinking this morning..... about the value people place on class. Last week I attended the Health and Safety week of an organisation. As part of the events lined up were Aerobics session and Health Walk. Since there was going to be gift items for participants, the hall was filled up by blue-collar workers a full hour before the start time.

When we eventually started, there were less than five white-collar workers in the crowd, for reasons that suggest class differences. As we walked, a friend expressed her disappointment and said 'what those of us higher up don't realise is that, it is in the midst of that class-less group that life is enjoyed.'

It got me thinking that truly 'life is not in class.' I remember my days in Mowoe primary school, Warri, sitting in class for extended lectures after they've rang the bell for recess. Looking through the window at my mates playing football will always make me want to run out. Why? Because the fun is out there in the open where seniors mingle with juniors. Life is not in class.

I used to enjoy starch and banga soup at home where I eat with sleeves folded, until I got a high-paying job and started eating everything with cutlery at high-end restaurants. Weeks ago, I arranged for a family starch and banga soup time-out at one of those spots in Warri. As I watched people eat in freedom, I threw caution to the wind, washed my hands and enjoyed my starch the old-fashioned way. Truly, life is not in class.

The best times of my life were the times I did not consider my status at work, church or age. Times when I laughed out loud, jumped and ran like a child, sat on the floor and ate with bare hands, danced, sang and mingled with the low and mighty. As I reflected on why those times were so precious, it dawn on me that it is because life is not in class.

Whichever way you look at it, life is not in class. There is too much formality and control in class. You are limited in class but have limitless possibilities outside. Why do you despise your brother because of class? (Romans 14:10). Loosen up and be human. Mingle with all, irrespective of status because life is not in class.

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey


  1. I always enjoy the thoughts of Wey Mey!
    Truly life is not in class. I pondered so much on the reasons why people tend to stick to class. Well, in all, there are advantages and disadvantages, especially as it bothers our insecure Nigeria now

  2. Truly life is not in class, you got me thinking and reminiscing


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