Sunday 22 October 2023



I was thinking this morning..... Last week, while sitting at the departure hall waiting for my delayed commercial flight to Lagos, I got gisting with a colleague about the economic challenges Nigerians are facing. He told me about his medical doctor friend that recently japa'ed to the UK. Months after, the guy told him that since he left Nigeria, he no longer suffers from hypertension for which he was known. When my colleague asked what the magic cure was, his friend responded 'My bro, it was Poverty Induced Hypertension (PIH).'

Just this Friday, I received news of the father of a client of my wife who suddenly slumped in the office and died shortly after. This was a man that had frantically made so much effort in the last few months to send his children abroad for further studies. You can say he was financially okay. While I narrated the story to a colleague, his conclusion was that the man may have died of FPIH (Family Pressure Induced Hypertension).

While attending a Mental health and wellness retreat last week, we were told of workers that are afraid to go home at the close of work because of the mental torture they are bound to face from their spouses. You can say these people are suffering from MIH (Marriage Induced Hypertension).

If you have been listening to news on local and international channels recently and feeling like someone is pounding yam in your head. Quickly visit your doctor because you may be suffering from BIH (Bad-news Induced Hypertension).

Hmm! Yes, there are so many causes of stress and hypertension today compared to the time of our grandparents. It really makes me wonder whether the constant hustle is worth it. We live our lives and become tense like someone hanging on the edge and waiting to drop. PIH, FPIH, MIH, BIH or any other SIH (Self Induced Hypertension) are all triggers to pull our hands off the anchor and make us drop. Be intentional about your health and wellness because las las, most of what we are chasing and dying for are vanity (Ecclesiastes 12:8). Relax and stay off the edge.

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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