Sunday 8 October 2023



I was thinking this morning..... Despite Nigeria hosting the World Toilet Summit in Abuja in November 2022, Nigeria now holds the unenviable trophy of the country with the most open defecation/urination in the world, moving from 5th place in 2003 to 2nd place in 2015 and now 1st place in 2023. This is because one in four Nigerians lack access to a toilet. They therefore defecate or urinate in the open fields, drains, bushes and bodies of water.

If you live in Nigeria and grew up in the hoods, it is common to find different inscriptions at street corners and on walls saying 'Don't defecate or urinate (piss) here.' It was one of such warnings someone was meant to put up but instead wrote 'Please Don't Peace Here.' While we don't want piss, we desperately need peace.

Recently, I accompanied a friend to the car wash at Novare Mall in Lagos and was shocked at the number of young men and women at the expansive parking lot drinking alcohol and smoking weed in the open. As I observed a young man empty his bladder at the base of a tree, I felt led to go tell him 'Please do not piss here, but peace here.'

Visit some families and see the level of trouble and emotional war going on. Wife insulting the man and husband hitting the wife and you will be tempted to scream 'Please don't piss here but peace here.'

The stench from the very poor sanitary state of our streets is as strong as the economic and political stench in this country. The leaders are 'pissing' on the faces of the masses resulting in violent agitations in some quarters. At the global scale, Russian-Ukraine war is on and the Israeli-Palestian war erupted yesterday. We must hold our leaders accountable, insisting 'Please don't piss here, but peace here.'

Should anyone get under your skin and you feel pressed to release yourself, I beg you to please give piss, sorry, peace a chance. End the violence because peace is priceless. John 14:26 says 'Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.'

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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