Sunday 11 February 2024



I was thinking this morning...... Someone posted a photo of a caution sign on a bridge in Akure saying 'Bride Under Repair' instead of 'Bridge Under Repair,' and commented that if the Bride is under repair, then the Groom must be under construction. Savage response, right? While I initially scoffed in disbelief, a second thought made me sober.

Yesterday, I attended the inter-tribal wedding of the daughter of my Ibo neighbour and her yoruba groom. As the couple danced to the admiration of all, I considered how they will manage their political leanings in the face of the seriously fractured political environment in Nigeria. With our very diverse culture and upbringing, inter-tribal marriages demand additional work. It is on that basis that I posited that the most appropriate sign to put up here is 'Bride and Groom under construction.'

Many get into marriage believing they are finished products and have nothing more to learn. Only last week, news made the rounds of a lady in Onitsha that violently abused and brutalised her 11-year-old maid. When I saw the disturbing photos of the brutalised girl, I actually wondered if the madam was human. She will thereafter wake up, dress up and make up, acting like a wife and even a mother. Mtchew! There is only one thing for the husband to do, shut her down and put out the sign 'Wife Under Repair.'

Like buildings and other infrastructures, humans need regular maintenance and repair. Reseash revealed that the life expectancy of a modern building is 60 to 75 years but with can last much longer with repair and maintenance. Albi Cathedral in South Central France was built about 900 years ago but still standing because of regular repair and maintenance.

Truth is, even the best of us need regular repair and maintenance of our physical, mental and emotional being. Any man or woman that refuses to devote time and resources for repair or maintenance will eventually kaput. If you know your heart beats uncontrollably when Nigeria plays, please stay off and put out a sign 'Man under Repair.' There are ways to renew your body and mind (Romans 12:1-2). Take responsibility today.

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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