Sunday 4 February 2024



I was thinking this morning.... a few days ago, my former boss, whom we called Oga Adoki (third from left), sent me this group photo we took sometime in 1995/96 at our SPDC office, Edjeba Housing Complex, Warri. Just looking at the faces of everyone brought both smiles and tears to my face. Sad because two persons in the photo had transitioned to glory and smiles from fond memories of my previous life working in Warri.

The longer I looked at the photo, the more I observed interesting features. The first thought that jumped at me was how cheap fabric must have been in those days. Did you observe the size of my trousers? My goodness! Where did all the fabric come from? Even the ladies, the way they were dressed will make a young girl of today wonder if they had skin disease that they were covering. Long and short, we no dey manage material those days.

I looked again and observe that all the men in the photo had flat stomach. Where there no pots in those days that men could have swallowed? What are we eating that is making us have pot belly today? We were all looking fit for the role. Natural and healthy meals and being active made the difference.

I peered at the ladies again and observed something that may indicate how stingy they must have been. What were they doing with all their money that they couldn't afford bone straight hair? What kind of 'alaroro' are they doing by perming their hair? Ordinary N1m they couldn’t spend to buy bone straight and Brazilian hair. Na wa o.

But wait o, what is it with the flowered neck ties, shirt and dress we had on? Is it because the vegetation then were green, colourful and luscious? A youngster today will think we were flower boys and girls.

Irrespective of what you think of the photo and our looks, it was the appropriate 'costume' at the time. Life is a stage and we are actors. The script of life is in Scenes and that was Scene 1 of my Working Script. Be deliberate about whose script you are acting and whether you are giving it your best. Your success and victory in life is dependent on how you played your role on the stage with the script you have in your hands. Let God's word be your script (Matthew 6:34).

Stay hopeful. God's got our back.

Happy Sunday!

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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