Sunday 11 November 2018

Legalizing the Absurd

Legalizing the Absurd
I was thinking this morning...... about legalizing the absurd. Yes about how we strive to change the natural course of life creations. What am I talking about? Last Thursday 8 November, I read the BBC news headline, 'Dutch man, 69, brings lawsuit to lower his age 20 years.' Yes, he took the State to court that they should approve his new age to be 49 instead of 69. He had argued that if one can change his name, one can change his gender, why can't someone change his age? Emile Ratelband had started the legal battle to legally change his age to boost his dating prospects.

When I first read the news, I initially wondered why it made the headlines, because reducing of one's age is a normal occurrence in Nigeria. All that is required here is to go swear an affidavit that you were born 20 years earlier and it will be admissible everywhere. I however realized that what we are doing is lying abut our age and this is not what Emile Ratelband is trying to do. Rather he wants a legal backing for this change. He is not saying he wasn't born 69 years ago, he is saying he wants to be 49 years old. How is that possible? How can someone take back the hand of time by 20 years? Let's say he succeeds in his lawsuit and they approve that he is now 49 years old instead of 69, will that reduce the age of his organs including his heart and brains? When death comes calling, will he command death to return 20 years later?

Oh man, we are really pushing the frontier. First, adults of their own free will (except for rape cases) engage in sexual activity and get pregnant and for 'some very good reasons' they want the pregnancy terminated. The case for abortion has been so argued that the lines of morality is now blurry to the point that the next generation will not know that abortion was once illegal. Today, it's been legalized in many nations. Then, against the natural course of creation, many nations are legalizing homosexuality. 'Adam and Steve' are now a couple. That was not enough and it was pushed further when gender change was legalized and Adam suddenly became Eve. Oh man, what exactly do we want? Where gender change has not been legalized, they are doing so clandestinely. That was the drama a few days ago when an Abuja man who was looking for sex, got the shock of his life when the partner he went home with turned out to be a 22-year-old man disguised as a woman. Oh man!

As I wondered what change we will be pushing for next, I await the outcome of the age change case with bated breath because I did not enjoy enough as a child and will like to reduce my age to 12 years. I want my parents to send me to the best school in Nigeria and take me on vacation to the Maldives yearly. After all if someone can change his mind, he can change his age. So goes the argument. But Prov 22:28 says 'Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set.' Like angry mobs, we are pulling down the ancient landmarks set by God and I see no different outcome from that of Sodom and Gomorrah. God help us.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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