Saturday 28 November 2020

From Jerusalem to Jericho


I was thinking this morning..... Two weeks ago, we organised a Fit & Fabulous competition for female staff and spouses as part of our Family Safety campaign. The target was for the person with the most number of steps in seven consecutive days to win a fabulous prize. We were stunned by what the ladies achieved. The winner clocked over 350,000 steps in 7 days, meaning she averaged 50,000 steps per day. Wow!

The results challenged me to up the ante on my daily walk. I decided to literally walk from Jerusalem to Jericho (a distance of about 25km or about 35,000 steps). I started the journey at about 6.45am from my estate (Jerusalem) and headed north towards Epe along the Lekki-Epe expressway in Lagos (Jericho). As I crossed 20,000 steps, my body alarm went off and I understood the difference between chips and kpekere.

Though I couldn't meet my target of 35,000 steps, I learnt a lot along the way. First, there are a number of persons walking for short distances. They were either walking to the bus stop or running errands within the neighbourhood. You can tell by their dressing and footwear that they are not prepared for a long walk. I understood from them that your purpose will determine your preparation and your dressing.

When I got to Bethany, a point about 3.2km from my Jerusalem, I noticed a few people dressed in sports wear on running shoes. Though they were walking in opposite direction, we had the same purpose: walking to keep fit. Sometimes in life, that someone has a different approach or on a different path does not mean he is at cross purpose with you. Focus on purpose.

Then there are those trekking to sell their wares, the hawkers. Omo, these guys are true Israelites. I noticed one particular guy selling toothbrushes arranged in a basin comfortably seating on his head. As we walked in the same direction, I did all I could to keep pace with him. When I eventually dropped off, he just continued going, making me wonder. When these hawkers trek the stretch of the road all the way to Jericho, do they take a taxi back home? How is it that they are so motivated for such long arduous walks? As I thought long and deep, I understood that it was for survival. Survival is the highest purpose in life. The will to survive can make a man walk 1000 miles and do things he never thought possible. I once scaled a 7 feet fence running away from armed robbers.

Though I couldn't make it to Jericho (25km) as planned, I am sure glad that I now have a better understanding of life and purpose. What's your purpose in this walk of life we are all in? Do you see life as a short and casual walk or you are breezing through as sport? Life is a long walk and without the right purpose and preparation, it will turn out to be serious trekking. But the presence of God trumps all other motivation and will make life be a walk in the park. Micah 6:8 ' Walk humbly in the company of God.'

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey.

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