Saturday 14 November 2020

Oh Lord Please Promote Me


I was thinking this morning...... after a very hectic week, I decided to take up my wife's offer to accompany her for what the aje-butter will call grocery shopping. To me it was an opportunity to receive fresh air having stayed indoors all week. I couldn't believe my experience. Yes, 'e shock me.'

It's like there has been mass promotion in the commodities market. While some food products got double promotion, others tripled. You still don't know what I am talking about? Yoruba man will say 'farabale.' As my wife and I moved from one counter to another, I remembered the words of Shehu Sani who had tweeted earlier that bread has been promoted to join the esteemed class of rice and onions in Kogi.'

I picked up a few tangerines, handed it over to be weighed and 'whoa!' was my exclamation when I saw the price tag. Six medium sized tangerines priced over N3k (meaning one cost over N500). For what na? Does it cure hunger permanently? Please don't mind me, just surprised by the sudden jump in price. In a year when the earning power of many has seriously depreciated due to the impact of Covid-19, the price of tangerines increased by over 200%. God, please promote me like tangerine.

I thought the promotion was only for food products, only for me to stop by the fuel station and observed that pump price of petrol has been adjusted to N168 per litre. The Petroleum Products Marketing Company (PPMC), a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), had announced the ex-depot price of petrol has been increased from N147.67 per litre to N155.17, effectively promoting the pump price of petrol from N152 to between N168 to N170 per litre. Wow! Isn't that wonderful? Petrol price has increased 17% this year alone. Oh God, please promote me like petrol.

Currenries were not left out in the mass promotion, but sorry not the naira. During the week, the US dollar had been promoted at the expense of the naira. Parallel market rate for one USD today is now N470 compared to N360 same time last year, giving an impressive 30% increase. God, please promote me like the US dollars.

The good news is that there are two ways God can promote you in a depressed economy. He can either reduce your expenses or multiply your finances. My prayer is that you enjoy both. Therefore, despair not because Job 22:29 says 'When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person.' Humble yourself because your promotion is on the way.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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