Saturday 21 May 2022



I was thinking this morning..... A few days ago, I needed to do a little domestic chore and required a razor blade. With none at home, I stepped out to the shop outside the estate gate to get one. A pack was handed to me and I asked how much. 'Oga na N450' the Sales girl said. 'What? For ordinary razor blade?' was my shocked response.

I was still looking at the pack of razor blades when my eyes caught the label 'Safety Razor Blades.' Really? What is safe about razor blades? I can understand Safety pin because the pin point is held in a guard but don't understand exposed double edged blades being called Safety Razor Blades. Is the word 'Safety' meant to confer a reputation that the razor blades are safe? This surely is an irony.

Names can sometimes be misleading. I know of a man in Warri whose nickname is 'Ice-Water.' This man is as hazardous as boiling water or even acid. There is a girl called Peace who is a warehouse of trouble. Do not be fooled by names.

Sometimes, some people give themselves names that are completely at variance with their true nature to con unsuspecting people. For example, since Chelsea FC qualified for the UEFA Champions League and Arsenal may not (except a miracle happens today Sunday), their fans have terrorised the goons like professional demons. They say they are 'Blues' signifying serenity and quietness but in reality they are noisy, nosy and arrogant. The name 'Red demons' is more fitting for Chelsea fans. I know they will come for my head.

Be careful what you call yourself because calling yourself what you are not can attract a curse (Mark 11:14). Safety Razor Blades ko! Quiet and Humble Chelsea Fans ni!

Don't be deceived by names because there is nothing safe about Safety Razor Blades.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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