Saturday 28 May 2022



I was thinking this morning....A lot has been said about the new Netflix and Ebonylife Studio production movie 'Blood Sisters' but there is a scene that got me thinking and also left me in stitches. It was a scene where Timeyin (played by Genoveva Umeh) walked into the room where her mum, brother, Femi and his wife, Yinka were at the dinning table. With everyone shocked to see her out of rehab, she said 'Mummy always a pleasure to see you and you too bro.' Looking at the brother's wife, Yinka, she said 'Ah-ah. My brother's personal witch.'

Really? His personal witch? I am aware of people having personal doctor, personal security and lersonal secretary or assistant, but this is the first time I am aware of someone having a Personal Witch (PW). Reviewing the character of Yinka (played by Kehinde Bankole), it became obvious the title of PW was apt. She was manipulative, unconscionable and evil.

I reminisced on the myriads of problems we face and what people say. In the face of misfortune, it is common to hear someone accuse VP (Village People) or point to HT (Home Trouble). And when he can't place his finger on the root cause, he stands akimbo and ask 'Na who do us this thing?' Now you know the answer. It is the handiwork of your Personal Witch (PW).

When you have a spouse that makes you do everything wrong, he or she is your Personal Witch. Some people are unfortunate to have friends that often manipulate them into vices like drugs, womanising, debauchery etc. If you are such, don't worry, you got yourself a Personal Witch (PW).

On a national scale, our political leaders are our PW killing the nation by their unconscionable and wicked behaviour. This week we are at it again selecting the personal witches to be members of the National and State covens.

Matthew 10:36 says 'a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ Seriously, look around you and answer this question, 'Who is your personal witch?' If you must, please be an angel and not a witch.

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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