Saturday 7 May 2022



I was thinking this morning...... On Wednesday morning, a friend travelling out of Nigeria had sent a WhatsApp message that he will be away for a while. He had written 'I am on my way to Singapore and will endeavour to stay in touch. Please note that Singapore is 7 hours ahead of Naija.' He said this to remind us that 6pm in Naija is 1am in Singapore, so we should know when to call. When I saw the message, I thought a bit and responded 'There is no time difference with men of the Spirit.'

It is usual for me at lunchtimes to say 'It's lunchtime all over the world'. A few persons had disagreed by saying lunchtime in Nigeria is evening in Singapore and morning in America. I will always respond 'True, but 1pm anywhere in the world is lunchtime.'

The fact that someone had his lunch at 1pm in Australia, 14 hours before it was 1pm in Washington, USA does not mean that the Australian had lunch before the American. They both had their lunch at 1pm in their respective nations. In the same vein, that you entered into your wealthy place before me could only mean you are in 'your Australia' while I am in 'my Singapore,' 2 hours behind you. Someone else might be in 'his Nigeria,' 9 hours behind Australia and yet another person might be in 'his America,' 14 hours behind. At the end of the day, we all will get to our wealthy place at the same time unique to our different locations.

Think about it, when someone in Australia is having his breakfast at 9am, it is midnight in Nigeria. If you are in Nigeria and on a call with your friend in Australia and he says he has just had breakfast, will you envy him? No. Because it is still midnight in Nigeria and you have no doubt that your morning is coming when you will enjoy your breakfast. So why do we fret or envy when others are having their breakthroughs? Relax, your morning is coming and you too will enjoy your meal.

So, to men of the Spirit, there is no time difference, it is our location that is different and there cannot be two different times in the same location. Your time is your time and mine is mine. Every one of us will have an equal opportunity for breakfast and lunch. My prayer is that when it is your turn to eat, your table will not be empty (Psalms 23:5).

Stay hopeful. God's got your back.

Happy Sunday.

......Just the thoughts of a certain Wey Mey

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